Where to buy Nash Nex Token?

Since the NEX token is a security token most exchanges won’t be able to list it with few exceptions. This is because you would need to have some regulatory factors in place to list security tokens, for example Binance doesn’t have this. So your best bet will be to buy it from their own official exchange once it has launched , or you could try some over the counter trading groups and buy some that way. We dont really recommend doing so because you never know who you can trust online in many of these Telegram Groups. 

For me and many others investing in Nash Nex Token is a no brainer. If you are still uncertain you can read my 5 reasons why investing in Nex former Neonexchange is a very smart idea


We heard you can buy Nex Token on a very unknown Cex called TokTok but I would be very careful with doing so as the volume is very low and the website itself looks somewhat shady. As Nash Motto tells you: #Trustyourselves and no one else in this industry. 

OTC & Aphelion seem to be another opportunity to buy Nex Coins but we have not tested any of the exchanges. We suggest you sign up for the official & wait until the launch of the Nash Exchange on the 31st of March 2019. Nash Exchange is Invite Only but you are lucky to get one of the few Invite Codes from me (Click below)

Nash Nex Token Price neonexchange

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